Parrot Incubator

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The AV-2 is the next generation of parrot incubator from Avey Incubator. When incubating parrot eggs you need an egg incubator that is easy to use and very precise. Designed especially for Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys, Eclectus, Amazons, and other harder to incubate parrot eggs. Rugged ABS construction. Designed for the professional or serious hobbyist. Exclusive (only Avey Incubator has it!) Digital temperature, egg turning, and humidity control. Set the humidity and temperature you desire directly from the alpha numeric electronic display! New and improved egg turner is super smooth and very quiet. You set the frequency of the egg turning. Egg turner rolls the eggs. Same egg capacity as the Original Avey Incubator – about 36 macaw eggs.

av2 AV-2 Precision Parrot Incubator
Sale Price $1999.00 


The egg trolley and humidifier remove for easy cleaning of the incubator cabinet. The egg trolley is designed to be easily cleaned by submerging in your favorite disinfectant. The AV-2 is designed to be easy to use and maintain. Great for managing assisted hatches – plenty of working room inside. ABS plastic cabinet with Polycarbonate door. High and Low temperature alarms, Passcode protection. Count down timer to egg turn. Egg turn interval is adjustable in 1 hour increments from zero (no turning) to up to 12 hours between turns. Factory defaults at 99.3 degrees, 42% humidity, 5 hours between turns and set up for a macaw egg. But all these settings are easily changed if you desire. All settings are remembered even if the power is turned off. Parrot eggs are very demanding eggs. They require a higher precision and tolerate less fluctuation in temperature than a chicken or gamebird egg. Our AV-2 Precision Parrot Incubator consistently performs with a standard deviation of less than 1/10 of a degree. Other Gamebird incubators are geared for larger capacities and sacrifice precision in the process. Other gamebird incubators commonly have a standard deviation of more than a two or three degrees. (Our gamebird incubator is less than one degree standard deviation – but that’s another story). It only takes one additional parrot or macaw egg successfully hatching to make up the difference in price from the cheapest gamebird incubators to our Precision Parrot incubator – the AV-2. Every egg deserves the best chance to hatch.


  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Digital Humidity Control
  • Digital Egg Turning Controls
  • Menu Driven Display
  • Oversized Viewing Window
  • Large capacity Egg Trolley
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Quiet Fan to circulate the heat
  • Passcode Protection
  • High Temperature alarm
  • Low Temperature Alarm
  • Dimensions 16″h x 16″d x 32″w