Parrot Brooders

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A brooder is designed to keep baby birds warm and safe until they can maintain their own body heat – usually about 6 weeks of age.


Chick Chalet II

Fantastic Brooders for raising baby parrots and baby macaws. Time tested design (since 1998), All the features you need. Rugged and reliable. Built to last for many years. One year part and labor warranty.

The “Chick Chalet II” nursery brooder from Avey Incubator. Quality rugged ABS cabinet and clear acrylic door. True digital controls. So easy to use, easy to clean. Precise. Adjustable humidity tray (optional digital humidity control) High/low alarms, Direct entry of temperature and humidity (optional) setpoints. Passcode protection. Celsius and Fahrenheit readout on the alpha-numeric display. Easy to maintain, with built in extra features to head off mistakes before they happen.

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  • Original-Cooler-BrooderThe Original Cooler Brooder

    The Cooler Brooder is a portable brooder for keeping baby animals warm until they can do that on their own. Featuring digital electronic controls, fan to circulate the heat, and a clear inner lid so you can look in and check on your baby bird, puppy, kitten. Originally designed for keeping baby parrots warm while they are being hand fed and raised to be young adult birds, the Cooler Brooder has found many other uses where control of the temperature is crucial. Laboratories and hospitals use them for transporting blood specimens, cattle and horse breeders use them to transport semen from prized bulls, zoos use them to transport eggs as well as live animals. The dual voltage models come with a power adapter so you can plug into 120VAC wall outlets or car cigarette/power outlets. One year part and labor warranty.

    This is the original Cooler Brooder.  Cooler Brooders  feature  temperature  (Celsius and Fahrenheit) Alpha numeric screens and passcode protection.
    Our best selling line of brooders!
    Surprised? We’re not!
    No one else has these features at any price!

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  • Five Stars-Great Product
  • Arrived Timely
  • Packaged Well
  • Buy From Us Again

“The Beak has been using Avey Brooders for ten years. We incubate our babies and feed from day one so our brooders are going nonstop for months at a time. Does anything last this long today?? The Avey Brooders are excellent in every respect, temperature control and maintaining perfect temperature, accessibility, and ease of cleaning.

The newer feature of digital temperature and locking code to prohibit accidental temperature change is a MUST. Great product!
– Pat B.

  • Five Stars-Great Product
  • Arrived Timely
  • Packaged Well
  • Buy From Us Again

We travel a lot, and live in the Midwest and are subject to many storms and power outages and thought the cooler brooder would be helpful… We go to our cottage, and in the motorhome and the babies come right on along with us and don’t miss a beat! I wouldn’t be without the cooler brooder, ever!

It keeps a consistent temperature and easy to take along!
– Jeannie R.