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Feather Picking in Parrots and Macaws

I don’t know why some birds pick their feathers and others don’t. I’ve asked but my birds aren’t saying.

Parrots in the wild don’t pick their feathers – at least the ones that want to live. Parrots in the wild need to fly in order to find food and water and to escape from predators.

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Parrots Eat Monkey Food

After the egg hatches from the parrot incubator and is moved to the parrot brooder, you need to hand feed the baby parrot until it can eat on it’s own – anywhere from four weeks to four months depending on the type of bird.


When hand feeding baby parrots,

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The Multiple Uses of Brooders


The multiple uses of brooders

Generally, with way parrot and bird breeders define brooders are a heated box for babies after they hatch and incubators are for eggs. When used with a mammal, the brooder is called an incubator. In all cases the brooder is a machine for keeping animals warm.

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Chickens are smarter than Parrots?

Chickens are Smarter Than Parrots
Chickens are smarter than parrots, at least when they first hatch. Chickens hatch from the egg, stand up, dry off and start looking for food and water. They can eat by themselves right away, they know how to drink water – right away. That knowledge is hardwired into their DNA.

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