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Thank you so much for the overwhelming support you and others like you have shown for our products. But there is a downside to overwhelming support. I’ve tried hiring people to give estimated delivery times and to answer the “where’s my stuff that I paid for and haven’t got yet” phone calls. The problem is those people want to talk to me. And one phone phone call isn’t so bad but that phone call from  15  people during the course of a day at 15 minutes per call is 3 hours and 45 minutes. Okay – say the phone calls are only 8 minutes each (and they never are that short) that’s still two hours gone from my day. That’s a big reason why we have a 10 or more day “lead time on orders being processed.

So if you have a problem – I do want to here about it. If I sound overwhelmed on the phone – it’s because I am.

Emails are the easiest for me. Call if you must. Thank you for your support and acceptance of our products.

By email:

By phone: 719-297-7010 voice
By fax: Our fax line has been discontinued as this old technology has fallen out of favor and rarely gets used.

By US Mail: PO Box 279, Hugo CO 80821