Incubator Plus Oxygen Setups

Get a complete incubator with oxygen setup package for puppies and kittens. Everything you need. Includes incubator as described above, new oxygen concentrator and tubing and fittings.   If you don’t already have an oxygen source. Note: not every newborn needs supplemental oxygen but most of the sales inquiries we get ask about oxygen too. So we’ve put together these packages to simplify the process.

A concentrator takes the oxygen in the air (air is approx 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen) and filters out the nitrogen. So you have pure (almost) oxygen coming out the tubing and going into the incubator. So you don’t have to buy tanks. You just plug the machine into your wall outlet. These units are new and built to run 24 hours a day all the time. If you run one like that, after about a year the filtering/concentrating performance starts to drop off. Then it needs to be serviced.

Since with puppies you’re only using it a few days per litter at most, you can see that you have this concentrator for a long time (years) before it needs to be serviced. When it does need servicing, that can be done for about $300.

The incubator has a fan and a sophisticated digital readout controller that controls the temperature very precisely.  As options, humidity readout and Digital Humidity Control are available.

Mature dogs and cats generally don’t do well in these incubators. Don’t buy this for a mature dog or cat. 

A one year parts and labor warranty is included at no extra cost on these products.

28.5″wide X 14.5″ front to back, 16.5″ high.
32″wide X 16″ front to back X 18″ high
34.5″wide X 18″ front to back X 19.5″ high

Precision Puppy Incubator 28

28″ Incubator  with complete supplemental oxygen setup.
Precision Puppy Incubator +  Oxygen
SALE PRICE Save $100   $1699.00   
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32″ Incubator with complete supplemental oxygen setup.
Precision Puppy Incubator + Oxygen
Sale Price Save 100 1799.00    More Info + Prices

34″  Incubator  with complete supplemental oxygen setup.
Precision Puppy Incubator +  Oxygen
Sale $1928.00  
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The oxygen concentrators we supply are serviced by a certified service center and carry a one year warranty.
(includes  complete  fittings, tubing and  recently serviced, new oxygen concentrator – everything you need. )