Chickens are smarter than Parrots?

Chickens are Smarter Than Parrots
Chickens are smarter than parrots, at least when they first hatch. Chickens hatch from the egg, stand up, dry off and start looking for food and water. They can eat by themselves right away, they know how to drink water – right away. That knowledge is hardwired into their DNA. They just know what to do to survive. As a human, I think we have a lot less hardwired DNA – we have to learn everything.
Parrots are born pretty dumb. They don’t know anything. Their eyes are shut. They are naked except for some fuzz, they can’t walk. They look like space aliens. About the only thing they know how to do is gulp food if placed near their mouth. We call it a feeding response, and it can be pretty strong.
Chickens move around. They know when they are too hot and too cold. If you hang a heat lamp in a corner of their room, they will huddle under the heat lamp when they are cold and move away when they are hot. This is commonly known as a brooder setup or brooder box or just brooder. And chickens will need the extra heat until they grow real feathers and develop enough physically to generate their own body heat.
A parrot brooder is a completely different animal. They are not nearly as large. They are an enclosed box, with a heating element to provide heat, most have a fan to circulate the heat. The professional models have humidity controls and readouts, and digital controls for the temperature too. High and low temperature alarms and accuracy down to a tenth of a degree are necessary to take care of the baby parrot.
A professional parrot brooder will be hundreds of dollars. A chicken brooder (Also the same for poultry of all kinds, quail, pheasant, duck, turkey, goose) can be set up for about $15.00
A parrot is, of course, much smarter than a chicken, but it takes a while for a parrot to catch up. One of the real joys in raising parrots is hand feeding them while they are growing up . A month to four months later, depending on the type, parrots have pretty much learned to eat on their own, can sit on a perch. and are saying their first words. Some parrots, mostly macaws even have the ability to be semi housebroken. At least they learn to not poop on you when they are sitting on your shoulder. Sadly chickens never learn that- they go everywhere and often.
If you would like to experience the joys of hand feeding and raising your own parrots, a good place to start would be to get a local parrot breeder to teach you. There’s skill involved and done the wrong way can cause great harm to the baby parrot. One way to find local breeders is to search Google for parrot blogs, parrot bird clubs. And then post a question.
Chickens are really fun too. Don’t underestimate the friendliness of chickens. They will recognize you on sight if you are the one that raised them and come running to say Hi! They don’t really say Hi – Chickens can’t talk. But they can show their joy at seeing you. And there’s many breeds that are beautiful and varied in color and size.
Find out about the joys of having a pet bird. They will amaze you every day.

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