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Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygenators, Oxygen Generators,  they all refer to oxygen concentrators. And here we talk animals. So all the information here is aimed at animals. If you want advice for your grandma talk to your doctor. No human advice here.

These machines concentrate the oxygen already in the air ( at sea level there’s about 20% pure oxygen) up to 90% or better pure oxygen. They run on electricity, are used in nursing homes, hospitals, and in private homes. There’s a whole industry that sells, maintains, services these machines. And they are a secret (well not so much anymore) to increasing a survival rate in newborn animals. If an animal is born even a few days premature, or is just poorly developed ( the runt) then their organs may not be fully developed. And they can be in respiratory distress.

Many veterinarians have a procedure they follow with every new litter. Especially true with English and French Bulldog breeders. After delivery (caesarean) they put the pups in the incubator to keep them warm, and they supplement the air inside the incubator with oxygen from an oxygen concentrator. Some even add humidity to ensure that the air is easy to breathe, helps keep the skin from drying out. And a saline drip as needed to keep the pups hydrated. Basic trauma care for any animal – keep them warm, make sure they can breathe, keep the hydrated. From there the pups, once stabilized go home.

We sell a Transport Incubator for the trip home. Some of our customers have to travel hours to get to their vet. We have a Transport Incubator that runs off of 12 volts in your car or 120 volts in your home. It comes with  carry strap, easy to move and operate. Great for new born, day old, pups. And the trip home from the vet. But you pups will outgrow this incubator in a few days. Still, as a back-up incubator the rest of the time or for that one runt that lags behind the rest, perfect.

5 liters per minute at 90% or better pure oxygen

Most concentrators meet this level of performance.  Buy a brand like Invacare,  Perfecto 2, Innogen, Respironics, or Caire and you will get what you’re expecting. Buy new or Re-certified. Either way is great and you get a machine that will perform. Some places will even rent them.

Our incubators can be set up to be oxygen concentrator ready when you select the “oxygen port” option.

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Incubator plus Oxygen Setups

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