How to Source an Oxygen Concentrator

Did you know Oxygen Concentrators are readily available in the nearest metro area to you? DIY – Do It Yourself and really save hundreds. You’ve heard the claim before but this time it’s true. Continue reading.

They are used in rest homes, hospitals and by private people in their homes needing long term supplemental oxygen

Key items to look for when buying a concentrator. It can be summed up in one phrase:

5 liters per minute at 90% or better pure oxygen

Most concentrators meet this level of performance.  Buy an Innogen, or Perfecto 2, or Respironics, or Caire and you will get what you’re expecting. Buy new or Re-certified. Either way is great and you get a machine that will perform. Some places will even rent them.

A machine that does meet the performance (5 liters per minute at 90% or better pure oxygen) will most likely be 30 pounds or more, on wheels so you can move it around, and made in the USA.

If you look on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, the machines offered there may not perform as expected. Check the meter on the machine that shows how many hours it has been used. Performance goes down over time. After a machine has been running continuously for a year or two (24 hours a day * 365 days = 8760 hours) the performance will degrade and at some point the machine will need to be serviced, and then it’s good to go for another year or two. And when used only a week at a time for puppies a concentrator can be effective for many years before needing to be serviced. But a machine with 15,000 hours on it is ready to be serviced. So if the seller can’t show you that it’s been serviced and re-certified recently, it most likely has not been and is going to need it soon. Servicing a concentrator and getting a recertification generally runs about $300. So figure that cost into your decision when looking at used machines.

Pretty much every oxygen concentrator listed on Amazon is imported from Asia, and does not deliver the necessary 5 liters per minute at 90% or better pure oxygen. A concentrator that runs from a battery, can be carried in a back pack, and is advertised as a mobile machine that you can take anywhere, is not going to produce enough pure oxygen in a great enough quantity to do any good for you. There’s some of these on Amazon and Ebay, but don’t buy those. It’s literally a waste of money for this application. Remember that the air we breathe is already 20% pure oxygen. So a machine that puts out 20% pure oxygen at 5 liters per minute is literally just using electricity to do nothing. And you’ve spent hundreds for nothing.

Our incubators can be set up to be oxygen concentrator ready when you select the “oxygen port” option.

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Incubator plus Oxygen Setups



Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygenators, Oxygen Generators,  they all refer to oxygen concentrators. And here, we talk animals. So all the information here is aimed at animals. If you want advice for your grandma talk to your doctor. No human advice here.



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