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Digital Humidity Control

The Digital Humidity Control is an extra cost option for incubators that don’t already have a humidity control. This option is available for our CC-32, CC20, Chick Chalet Series, and the Precision Puppy Incubators. Our Av-2 Parrot Precision Incubator and our Gamebird/Poultry Incubator already have this feature built in. It is not available for the ARTI Incubator, Rept100, Rept48, or Cooler Brooders

What you get: A digital readout of the humidity in the incubator, a water source in the form of an external cool mist humidifier,  a hose to connect the humidifier to the incubator, and special control circuitry built into the incubator that measures the humidity, compares that measurement against the setpoint (your desired humidity level) and then turns on the humidifier when moisture is needed and turns it off when it isn’t.

You set the desired humidity level between 20%RH and 70% RH using the same process as setting the temperature on the incubator – you set it right on the display screen.

Must be ordered with one of the above listed incubators and is built in to the incubator. It is not available as a stand alone option.

Price: $159.00

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Digital Humidity Readout

This extra cost option is built into a Chick Chalet 3,  Cooler Brooder, and Precision Puppy Incubator provides a humidity readout on the display screen.  This option does not have a humidifier. This option does not regulate the humidity – it only displays the humidity level inside the incubator. If you want to regulate the humidity, then order the Digital Humidity Control.

Not available as an option on the ARTI Incubator,

Price: $60.00

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Nebulizer Attachment

Our nebulizer attachment allows the supplied medicine cup to mount to the incubator cabinet. Pressurized air  attaches to the nebulizer with the supplied tubing.  We don’t have a source for the nebulizer air pumps at this time. But if you choose one of our “complete oxygen setups” the oxygen concentrator can supply the air for this nebulizer as well. The air bubbles through the medicine you put in the cup – usually something like albuterol to aid in opening up lungs for better breathing. This attachment should be used with supervision from your vet. Your vet will tell you how much and how often to do  the breathing treatments.

The nebulizer is available for the Chick Chalet series and Precision Puppy Incubators.

Price: $40.00

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Oxygen Port

OxygenPortOxygen port is the connection your oxygen tubing hooks up to. It can be fitted to all of our incubators except the ARTI Incubator. It is optional. If you order a complete oxygen setup with oxygen concentrator then this port is included.  You should only order this port if you have your own oxygen bottle or other source for oxygen.

Price: $20.00

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