Cooler Brooder – Portable


A portable brooder to carry your animals to and from your work and home, perfect for zoo technicians needing to care for an animal through the night. Equipped with cords to allow powered operation in your car as well as serving as a 24/7 brooder in your nursery. Powered 12 volts dc or 120 volts ac.

Menu driven, direct entry controls make it easy to control the temperature on newly hatched babies, even from day one. Clear inner lid means you can see the babies without letting all the heat out. And when the lid is closed fresh air supplied through the air vent molded into the outer lid. And as the babies mature and you require a lower setting, the setting can be changed with a turn of a dial. Hi temperature alarm, a 2 line alpha numeric menu display for easy setup and adjustment of the brooder. Your last temperature setting is stored in memory and is remembered even if the power is off. The Cooler Brooder tells you what you need to know! Audible and visual indicators of alarm status. Our display also reads out in tenths of a degree Fahrenheit and Celsius. Made in Colorado USA. One year parts and labor warranty. Large Size now includes an adjustable strap, for over the shoulder or to carry in one hand.


  • Clear inner lid, keeps the heat in while you look at your chicks
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Direct Entry Menu Driven Display
  • Super Quiet Fan
  • Large fresh air vent
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Password Protected Controls
  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Low Temperature Alarm
  • Power Supply included
  • Fresh air vent in back
  • Carrying Strap
  • Dual Voltage 120vac 12vdc All the necessary cords and connectors for your home or car included.

Large Brooder Blue, 34 qt cooler
outside dimensions
- 21w" x 14h" x 14d"
inside dimensions - 17.5w" x 9.5h" x 10.75d"

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