Precision Puppy Incubator

One of the easiest things to do if you have a sick puppy or kitten is to make it easier for them to keep warm. If they don’t have to work so hard to keep warm then they can work on getting over what ails them. This is one of those pieces of equipment you should have on hand for when you need it. Most if not all of the exotic bulldogs are delivered by cesarean and end up being delivered before the full term. These “preemies” have issues with underdeveloped lungs and need additional help keeping warm even more than a normal full term puppy. Puppy’s can’t maintain their own body heat until they have had a chance to grow for about a week after birth. The incubator supplies the necessary heat in a safe and stable way, optionally supplements the oxygen level to help underdeveloped lungs, and optionally manage the humidity level inside the incubator, all of which help reduce complications such as pneumonia.

Besides making it just easier on you to care for your new pups, saving just one pup pays for the cost of the incubator. The success stories border on the fantastic and miraculous and so I am reluctant to repeat them here. But every day someone tells me their personal story on how these incubators changed their lives, their efforts to be successful in breeding puppies, and their efforts to manage the high cost of vet bills.

28.5″wide X 14.5″ front to back, 16.5″ high.
32″wide X 16″ front to back X 18″ high
34.5″wide X 18″ front to back X 19.5″ high

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