28″ Precision Puppy Incubator plus Oxygen Concentrator

Each incubator is built to order, installing the options you have selected. Additionally, we are experiencing high sales volume. So some additional time may be required to process and ship your order. 

Precision Puppy Incubator with  oxygen concentrator. Includes tubing and everything you need for your incubator to supply supplemental oxygen. No oxygen tanks needed. This machine plugs into your wall outlet and concentrates and outputs 93% or better pure oxygen into the incubator. Adjustable flow rate from 0 - 5 cubic liters per minute.

The incubator features micro adjustable temperature control. Set the temperature you want (usually around 95 degrees F) in increments of 1/10 of a degree C.  Hi/Low temp alarms, passcode protected setup so settings can’t be accidentally changed. Dimensions 28.5″wide X 14.5″ front to back, 16.5″ high.

LED interior light strip with front panel control switch, front panel on/off switch, polycarbonate door with premium hinge and latch hardware.

You can set the incubator to run just the fan while still displaying the interior temperature. This setting is controlled by the on screen menu. A passcode must be entered to change to this setting so accidental changes to the temperature are avoided.

Two side mounted fresh air vents are standard. Digital on screen readout of humidity and Digital Humidity Control are available as extra cost options.

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Price: from $1,499.00

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