Puppy Transport Incubator

Each incubator is built to order, installing the options you have selected. Additionally, we are experiencing high sales volume.  Presently 4 weeks lead time is needed to process and ship your order, plus up to 5 days for FedEx Ground to deliver it to you. Expedited shipping is available but very expensive - plan on a minimum of $800. High sales volume expected to last through June.

A portable incubator, 12 volt operation for your car, 120 volt operation for in the home. This is the product for transporting your new litter from the vet to home after delivery.

Precise temperature control, visual digital display of temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Optional humidity readout. High and low temperature alarms. The picture shows a red color incubator but the available color is actually blue. Includes a clear inner lid so you can look in on your puppies without letting all the heat out.

This is the incubator that zoos use to transport their new babies back and forth when they babies need to be fed around the clock.

Perfect for the first couple of days, but your pups will quickly outgrow this incubator. Easy to carry, with built in handles.

outside dimensions – 23w” x 16h” x 15d”
inside dimensions – 19w” x 11.5h” x 11.5d”

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Price: $689.95

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