RCAB 80 Reptile Cabinet Incubator

Our  Cabinet incubator for reptiles. Hold as many as 80 Ball Python eggs.

Complete with our acclaimed digital temperature thermostat with alphanumeric readout. Directly set the temperature on the Alphanumeric display.

Hi and Low temperature alarms. Passcode protection. Super quiet fan circulates the heat to ensure even heat distribution. Clear polycarbonate door.

Outside Dimensions 17'wide X 17.5'deep X 24'high . Shelf dimensions: 15.75'  X 14.75'

After talking to a hundreds ball python breeders over the years, this is our answer to what they've been asking for. But these aren't just for Ball Pythons. Set the temperature between 75 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit by directly entering the value you want on the display.

Now available with hinges on the side instead of on the bottom. In fact, that's how we'll build it unless you call us or shoot us an email saying you want the hinges on the bottom.


Price: $689.00

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