ARTI – Ambient Room Temperature Incubator

ARTI – Ambient Room Temperature Incubator. ARTI goes where no incubator has gone before. ARTI heats and cools to maintain the setpoint. We were the first to bring this concept to the reptile incubating world.  Don’t confuse the ARTI with other less precise models. Those other models  are ± 2 or even 3 degrees C – that adds up to a total swing of 6 degrees around the setpoint.  They may heat and cool but don’t do it with the precision you need for incubating reptile eggs. The ARTI performs at ±  1/2 degree C or better. That is at least 4 times better accuracy.

ARTI excells at maintaining setpoints close to the temperature of the room Arti is operating in. Even below the ambient room temperature!

Normal operating range is 20 degrees below the ambient room temperature to 20 degrees above the ambient room temperature. The controls can be set between 10 degrees Celcius and 40 degrees Celcius but the actual operating range is limited by the ambient room temperature.



Target uses:

  • Researchers working with flies, crickets, mosquitoes, honey bees.
  • Reptile researchers and breeders. Simulate hibernation – Diapause. Run the incubator at 50-55 degrees F – even though your room temperature is 75 degrees!
  • Some reptiles need to be incubated at or below 80 degrees and that can be tough to do during the summer in warmer climates.
  • Chameleon Breeders – Determine whether your eggs hatch as males or females by incubating at a certain temperature for males and different temperature for females.
  • Bird Breeders: Gather eggs and store them up to a week at 55 degrees F before placing them in our GB-1 Gamebird incubator.
  • Parrot breeders: Use as a portable brooder. Dual operation voltages. Works on both 120VAC and 12VDC

 One year part and labor warranty


Inside: 16″ x 13″ x 10.75
Outside: 17h x 24w x 16d

All digital control. Temperature displayed in Celcius and Fahrenheit. High and Low temperature alarms. Passcode protection. Indicator on the display shows whether ARTI is heating or cooling or at the setpoint. 1 Adjustable shelf.


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