Rept – 100

r-100Rept-100 Precision Reptile Incubator. Complete with 1 zero substrate egg box (ZS-6) with room for an additional eggbox. 120VAC. This our Very High Precision Incubator designed for Green Tree Pythons (Chondro’s).


What you get:


  • 100 Quart Igloo Cooler as a cabinet
  • Clear 2 part inner lid – you can open the outer lid and not dump all the heat
  • Digital readout in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • High & Low temperature alarms
  • Passcode protected temperature adjustment
  • Relative humidity in the egg boxes will normally be near saturation levels (100%), adjustable by the air vents
  • Dual fans and heat elements
  • One zero substrate molded Acrylic egg box with 4 adjustable air vents – holds 6 deli cups. (ZS-6) The Incubator can hold 2 of these egg boxes for a total of 12 deli cups. An additional egg box is $82.45


  • Five Stars-Great Product
  • Arrived Timely
  • Packaged Well
  • Buy From Us Again

This is a great incubator to use and have. I can count on the Rept100 to constantly keep the desired temperature where it needs to be at all times without worrying. This thing is heavy duty and could possibly withstand anything.