Rept 48 High Precision Reptile Incubator

rept48Complete with 1 zero substrate egg box (ZS-3) Powered by 12VDC. This our Very High Precision Incubator designed for Green Tree Pythons (Chondro’s).Power in your car or in your reptile room with included power supply.


What you get:


  • 48 Quart Rubbermaid Cooler as a cabinet
  • Clear inner lid – you can open the outer lid and not dump all the heat.
  • Digital readout in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • High & Low temperature alarms
  • Passcode protected temperature adjustment
  • Relative humidity in the egg boxes will normally be near saturation levels (100%), adjustable by the air vents.
  • Fan powered – forced air heat
  • Includes one ZS-3 Zero Substrate Molded Acrylic egg box with 2 adjustable air vents – holds 3 deli cups. No room for expansion.
  • Operates on 12VDC – comes with a plug for a cigarette lighter in your car. So you can transport eggs/babies.
  • Comes with a 120VAC to 12VDC adapter – You can run this from any 120VAC outlet.

Not to be confused with “The Cooler Reptile Incubator”. The Rept48 shares the same ice chest as the large Cooler Reptile Incubator but features superior air and heat distribution and a zero substrate egg box.