The Cooler Reptile Incubator

The Cooler Reptile Incubator – A basic reptile egg incubator with a digital control, hi and low temperature alarms, passcode protection, easy to clean and use. Remembers the last used settings even after being powered off. 3 sizes available.  Owners manual included. Great for all but the most demanding eggs.


Small $539.00 24 quart cooler, dual voltage 12VDC/120VAC
Outside dimensions – 17w”x13.5h”x13.5d”
Inside dimensions – 14.25w”x9.5h”x9.5d”

Medium $569.00 34 quart cooler, 120VAC
Outside dimensions – 21w”x14h”x14d”
Inside dimensions –  17.5w”x9.5h”x10.75d”

Large – $599.00 48 quart cooler, 120VAC
Outside dimensions – 23w”x16h”x15d”
Inside dimensions – 19w”x11.5h”x11.5d”

When you are ready to graduate from the frustration of using a styrofoam incubator into an incubator built to last,  extremely stable and with fast recovery after opening the door, you are at the right place. A clear inner lid lets you see inside without letting out the heat.  Add you own egg box or buy one of our Zero Substrate egg boxes for a complete system.

Not to be confused with the Rept48. The Rept48 shares the same ice chest  as the large Cooler Reptile Incubator but features superior air and heat distribution and a zero substrate egg box.